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Welcome to the EPOC

Epicenter of Chiropractic was developed to greater doctor to doctor relationships in the chiropractic profession.  This unique group meets monthly to discuss the philosophy, science and politics in our profession.  In addition we will work on marketing, personal development and overall life long success for our profession.

The strict rules of the EPOC group is what sets it apart from other chiropractic organizations. You must be referred by an originating member in order to attend this program.  In addition, there are no office names, procedural discussions or office comparisons.  As we get to know each other as people we can continue to work together for the enhancement of our profession.

The vision for 2008 and beyond will find some of the biggest names in the profession coming to EPOC to share their knowledge of chiropractic as well as ways for us to continue to work hard for unity in chiropractic.

Please, enjoy the site and in the (paraphrased) words of the great BJ Palmer,

For loving what we love so much,

Troy and Leah


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Epicenter of Chiropractic
117 Eden Park Blvd
Shiloh, IL 62269

Phone: 618-624-9080
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